How to Get Dofollow Backlink From Facebook

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Normally when we put our link in Facebook (walls, groups, info tabs, etc), it will marked with nofollow tag. But now with some Facebook applications, we can create our dofollow links in our Facebook profile, both tabs or sidebar.

Facebook Profile HTML

This application will allow us to put additional tabs in our Facebook profile that can be fill with html code.
For add this application:
After adding the application, now you can insert html code for your links or banner, look at these picture below:

Facebook Profile HTML

Facebook Profile HTML

Facebook Profile Box

This application will allow us to put any html code in our Facebook sidebar on profile. For example; banner, links list or what ever you want.
For add this application:
After adding the application, now you can insert html code for your links or banner, look at these picture below, that looks similar as Profile HTML:

Facebook Profile Box

Facebook Profile Box

Facebook Social RSS

This application will allow us to put our RSS feed into Facebook profile tab. All our article links will generated with dofollow tag.
For add this application:
After adding the application, you will be able to configure your RSS feed and how will it look like on your own tab, look at picture bellow;

Facebook Social RSS

Facebook Social RSS

Just remember to adjust your tabs and box privacy level in Facebook to everyone so that tabs and box can be crawled


Today,  05 December 2009 seems Facebook made changes to profile view by anonymous, it will not showing your basic info again.
Also there is a change with dofollow tag, now the application will shown nofollow instead dofollow like yesterdays. These change may be came from Facebook  or the developer of application above

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    Yes, since FB is PR9, we can hope thats links will be counted :)

    And dont forget to set your privacy settings so your FB profile can be appears in search engine

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    @football wallpapers:
    I’m not sure which apps you mean? there are 3 apps:
    1. Profile HTML = will show your html code in your profile tabs
    2. Profile Box = will show your html code in your side bar profile
    3. Social RSS = will show your RSS in profile tabs

    you just put your code in text area, after save and publish, it will show in your FB profile.

    Then if you set your profile privacy to Everyone, and allow search engine to indexed, it will showing too in SERP.

    Although that, this is still trial, there are many factor including table tag etc..
    But if you checked your links, it will have dofollow tag, just check with FF addons

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    If you take the time to create a facebook application, you can place dofollow links on your application’s canvas page.

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